Last Thursday I went to SM Megamall to buy new school shoes. Honestly when my dad asked me to pick what I wanted I didn’t really care because

  1. I’ll only be using it for a year
  2. People have better things to do than stare at each others school shoes, like cramming and running to the cafeteria before all the seats are taken at lunch.
  3. My shoes are still okay

I think it’s a waste to buy school shoes this year especially since the good brands are around 1k, but my dad says I should buy new ones since I’ve had my old black shoes for 2 years. And yeah the site of my old black shoes are pretty sad, to be honest. Maybe I shouldn’t run across the field with them on….

Anyway, I got the shoes, but I also saw flats that are priced 2 for only 400 pesos! I’ve always liked flats since they’re comfy enough to walk the streets in (especially when I secretly commute) without compromising your style (Sorry, but it’s really hard to pull of a skirt + sneakers)

I got 2 pairs, gray and turquoise/aqua.

gray and aqua ballet flats

But then I realized how plain flats are because the only other pair of ballet flats I own are those painted with food, and they don’t really look too plain for me. Sadly, these do.

So of course I modified it.

What I used:


-fabric tape (I found mine in Divi for like, 25 a roll?)


-fabric glue

* You can opt to use just plain fabric and glue, but I used the fabric tape for convenience. I wanted to use the fabric stickers above (those rectangular pieces of cloth) but they didn’t have any fitting designs.

“Measure” the edge of your flats by overlapping your fabric tape until you go all the way around so you’ll know how much tape you need. Cut.

The rest of the steps are pretty self-explanatory:

Done! And just to keep me from taking nice pictures, the sky suddenly matched the color of my shoes.


Hopefully you guys aren’t as gray as the weather!


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