Life dump: October

So what do you do when you’ve had a heartbreaking month? (Like, hypothetically low grades and not being able to participate on a particular craft fair. Hypothetically.) I compile a list of good things that have happened this month to at least cheer up a hypothetically sad me c:

Meet “Obo” our (surprisingly!!) working DC motor. This was a requirement for school and thankfully my friend E really spent time on making it and she was being really OC and yay it worked! Also, the robot design is really cute, don’t you think?

Surprise cheesy greeting cards are the best.

And of course getting a free shopping spree c/o J c: And he was the one who insisted we go shop! Cutie. These are just a few things we bought. I think the chocolate shop shaped tin can was really adorable, not to mention I love these kinds of drawing styles. We also found giant pretty tape! It’s as thick as a packaging tape roll! Also birthday toilet paper. I should bust this out everytime someone’s celebrating. It’s so coooool. Allof these we bought in Landmark Trinoma c:

I also made this chubby panda (pattern here.) Three words: squish, squish, squish.

I also finally got around to doing a friend’s palanca stationery using my gocco! I… kind of want to keep these for myself because doilies + neon = looooove. at first I thought it was a craft fail because of all the carbon bits that stuck to the screen, but I guess it went better than expected.

While we were hanging out at the techprep room we spotted a few pages of an old, worn dictionary. Of course I had to get it, I love ephemera.

Oh and I think the best part of it was this:

Hihi, hello brother. This is why you should wake up earlier.

Maybe October wasn’t so bad after all. :)



School has been suspended for 2 days now because of the weather :c I hope everyone’s safe, we don’t want another Ondoy mishap. So since the weather’s been pretty gray lately I’ve decided to add some pastel cheer to my workspace by fixing my corkboard up! And adding a little bunting :)

The bunting is made simply by using post-its. I cut them into fourths and folded the sticky part on itself and there you have it! Cheap and extremely fast (and cute) bunting.

And since my school decided to move the periodic exams next week, that means I have enough time to slack off study! So I decided to use my time wisely.

And by wisely I mean crochet a teacup from my Japanese crochet book! I swear it’s the cutest thing ever, I can’t read Japanese so I can’t give the title, but it only cost me like 85 pesos in National Book Store and the stuff are soooo cute! Right now I’m using it as a cute little catch-all for my hairpins. Maybe I should start getting ready for a handmade arts and ¬†crafts fair I’ll be going to this November. Hmmm.

Meanwhile, I pray for the safety of everyone! I hope the rain doesn’t get to you.

Stay safe!


Sadie the Whale and the Boyfriend Project

I haven’t posted zilch this past week because I had to do my internship portfolio. I wanted to make it creative but I didn’t want to do another scrapbook again. *shudder* I opted to use watercolor paints instead. It’s easier since I only need a brush, my paints and water, unlike if I scrapbooked I would waste too much time looking at my stuff. That or because I’m too lazy.

Here’s a sample:

The silver board was supposed to be white foam board but Office Warehouse is soooo incomplete. I wanted to make it look like a polaroid frame.

I think I was able to mention before how I was going to go to Singapore this June! Well I have to leave J for like a week and I’m going to miss him, so I figured I’d make little gifts for him that I’ll hide around the school somehow so that he wouldn’t miss me so much. Yes, cheesy I know.

I figured I’d make him at least one gift per day, so that makes it 5 gifts (since I’ll be missing a whole school week)

I made him a whale printed pillow last year so I thought why not continue the trend? So I made him this little amigurumi whale! It’s actually my first amigurumi where the body isn’t deformed or looks asymmetric, so hooray!

Here Sadie is sailing the sea of dreams~~~

I named the whale Sadie because I just finished reading Serpent’s Shadow by Rick Riordan and one of the protagonist’s name is Sadie. Can you tell I like naming the animals I make?

I found the pattern for free here from Planet June! I love how everything is detailed and how I now know how to make an invisible decrease and a magic ring. Seriously I can’t believe I’ve been crocheting without them!

Look at that tiny hat that screams ADVENTUUUURE TIIIIIIIME!! (Okay I happen to really like that show)

I hope J will like Sadie! Even though I just realized Sadie is a little stuffed toy. Maybe I can make her into a keychain? And pssssst to the people who know me in real life, don’t tell J!

I already have a few DIY tutorials for you guys that are in tandem with the boyfriend project, so stay tuned!

Stay Argyle!

-C and Sadie

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