Mythbusting #1 Hydrogen Peroxide as a teeth whitener

Hi! Today I want you guys to know that I’m launching a new category in my blog called Mythbusting. If some of you don’t know, Mythbusters is a show shown here that tests well known myths to see if they’re real or not. It will be much like that show except I’ll mostly be dealing with beauty and household myths.

Are you ready?

Mythbusting #1 Hydrogen Peroxide as a teeth whitener:

Source here!

(But I found it on Pinterest)

“I am never buying white strips again!: dip q-tip in hydrogen peroxide (the key ingredient in whitestrips) and apply to surface of teeth for 30 sec before brushing teeth) once a day for a few days. My teeth looked noticeably whiter after doing this only 2x”

I followed the steps I saw on Pinterest (above) but when I read the source from I found out that their procedures are actually different wherein in ehow they mix the hydrogen peroxide with other things ebfore applying it, whereas the one in Pinterest dips it in directly. Use this technique on your own judgement, okay?

So I tried the instructions on Pinterest but only on half my front teeth so I could have a controlled variable and have comparisons. I TOOK CARE NOT TO SWALLOW THE HYDROGEN PEROXIDE. After brushing I checked the mirror and wooooooooow!!!! It really worked, and that was just the first try! Really, that fast? Awesome.

hydrogen peroxide as teeth whitener

That’s obviously not my mouth. I wish it were, though. Haha!

Although it really works, I only recommend you to do this very rarely and only in a span of a few days, doing it only once a day because it might harm your teeth.

Please comment below and tell me how it works for you!



Sadie the Whale and the Boyfriend Project

I haven’t posted zilch this past week because I had to do my internship portfolio. I wanted to make it creative but I didn’t want to do another scrapbook again. *shudder* I opted to use watercolor paints instead. It’s easier since I only need a brush, my paints and water, unlike if I scrapbooked I would waste too much time looking at my stuff. That or because I’m too lazy.

Here’s a sample:

The silver board was supposed to be white foam board but Office Warehouse is soooo incomplete. I wanted to make it look like a polaroid frame.

I think I was able to mention before how I was going to go to Singapore this June! Well I have to leave J for like a week and I’m going to miss him, so I figured I’d make little gifts for him that I’ll hide around the school somehow so that he wouldn’t miss me so much. Yes, cheesy I know.

I figured I’d make him at least one gift per day, so that makes it 5 gifts (since I’ll be missing a whole school week)

I made him a whale printed pillow last year so I thought why not continue the trend? So I made him this little amigurumi whale! It’s actually my first amigurumi where the body isn’t deformed or looks asymmetric, so hooray!

Here Sadie is sailing the sea of dreams~~~

I named the whale Sadie because I just finished reading Serpent’s Shadow by Rick Riordan and one of the protagonist’s name is Sadie. Can you tell I like naming the animals I make?

I found the pattern for free here from Planet June! I love how everything is detailed and how I now know how to make an invisible decrease and a magic ring. Seriously I can’t believe I’ve been crocheting without them!

Look at that tiny hat that screams ADVENTUUUURE TIIIIIIIME!! (Okay I happen to really like that show)

I hope J will like Sadie! Even though I just realized Sadie is a little stuffed toy. Maybe I can make her into a keychain? And pssssst to the people who know me in real life, don’t tell J!

I already have a few DIY tutorials for you guys that are in tandem with the boyfriend project, so stay tuned!

Stay Argyle!

-C and Sadie

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Crème Brulée

Hi there! I haven’t been posting these past few days because I have a deadline to meet for this event which is really cool because it’ll be my first time abroad!

I’ve also been busy reviewing for college exams and watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Yes, all ten seasons. Pretty addicting. I also bought Serpent’s Shadow because Percy Jackson made me a Rick Riordan fan.

Oh! And me and my awesome friend (We’ll call her M) taught my boyfriend how to ride a bike! (How old is he? He’s 15 but uhh let’s pretend he’s 7 so he doesn’t get embarrassed about not knowing how to ride a bike.)

This bike’s frame is actually made of bamboo! Cool! (But it’s not for beginners but it was all we had…)

He also almost fell head first into some concrete which was really scary, but he was able to use his hand instead. Then when we checked and his wound looked like a creepy smiley face. With a beard thingy.

Weird, creepy smiley face with a beard

And we saw a dead crab whom we named Roadkill Crab. Poor crabby :c

Last week my mom bought me some polymer clay from Divisoria for likereally cheap! Yay cheap art supplies!  So I tried doing this polymer clay braided bracelet.

It was all very easy until I tried baking it. So obviously I didn’t want to use the oven because I don’t want my cupcakes to smell like plastic and because it’s such a waste and all. I tried using the oven toaster which actually works for some people but I had three problems:

1. Our oven toaster only has two options: 350 watts or 700 watts. No temperature control but that’s okay because I can use the oven thermometer but then

2. The clay mom bought was unbranded (of course, it’s Divisoria.) and no one really knew what temperature it was supposed to be baked in. I googled and I saw the optimal temperature for all polymer clays so I figured as long as it was in that range it’ll be okay. But it wasn’t because

3. I forgot that the oven toaster timer was on and I went to get something and when I came back I was like a hundred degrees Celsius higher than the maximum temperature of the range. So when it came out the top part looked all melty but the under side was okay (but the rice I put it on top of so that it wouldn’t get deformed made some little dents. Irony.)

it’s not so bad when you put the bad half at the bottom but if you looked really closely you could totally see it.

That was when I had the idea of wearing it on my head on top of a top bun.

Turns into…

Incredibly blurry pictures credits to my 10 year old brother. Hmmm.

In retrospect maybe it was actually a good idea, leaving the oven on (okay maybe that was a safety hazard but the browning makes it look like a creme brulee, which I totally love. Yum.)

Stay Argyle!

– C.

Saizen finds and the time I had to babysit a stuffed toy.

Okay, so a few days ago my sister (6 years old) told me to babysit her Angry Birds stuffed toy. She even gave me a checklist.

Top most: comb fur, Middle: make him laugh Bottom: wash

When she came back she interrogated me and demanded me if I’ve done what’s said on the checklist. She then asked me to re-enact what I’ve done to make Red bird laugh (second drawing on the list). So of course I had to do it.

Yes, making a complete fool of myself is fun.

Anyway, I was able to go to Saizen in Trinoma yesterday, yay! Saizen is a store which sells everything for 85 Php. Yes. Everything. Look at what I bought yesterday!

Rotary cutter! I’ve been wanting one for ages! I tried it when I came home and the blade is really sharp! The only thing I don’t like is the locking mechanism (that white rectangular plastic near the blade) it’s very dangerous if I lost it D: Not fun. Oh and the circle part on the other end is for storing extra blades! Cool. It took my parents and I like a long time before I figured it out.

Printed aluminum foil. Yes. Aluminum foil with designs. HOW CUTE IS THAT?!?! And I can’t resist cute whale things. I also almost bought a turner for cooking. Why? Because it had a smiley face and the turner part was in the shape of a whale kind of thing. Cuuuuutiiiiieeee. We shall meet again and I shall buy him. And then I will make cute pancakes with him. Yesss.

Cute microwave waffle maker. So cute. I need to try this and see if it actually makes tasty waffles.

Single serve double layer cake mold. How cute are these bakeware items, really?

This is my favorite buy!! I mean, if I were to buy soft pastels at the bookstore, it would cost me more than 120 Php! Yay. And now I can chalk-dye my hair!

So, what have you found in Saizen?

Pedro the pig + my tumblr


This is Pedro. He is my pet pig.


He is really tiny. His special ability is being able to fit inside a one peso coin.


I like Pedro. He has a really curly tail. What I do not like is that Pedro just spotted my really old Nokia phone.

Shame on me.


And this is where Pedro sleeps. (Pssst, I got the fence at the scrapbooking area of NBS for around 30 pesos. I don’t know if there are any more, though.)

Okay, anyway. Here’s my Tumblr! I’ve had this one for quite awhile now actually. It’s where I’ve been posting what I make, but I like WordPress better for some reason. Makes me feel legit.

(Click the picture of my dreamcatcher to go to the tumblr!)

Right now my username’s papercutsandfoldedflowers (the really long old one) I actually made a new one, with argylecheesecake username, though I think I used my other email account for it. Poop. I think I’ll have to change it soon so that things will be easier.


Little rant. + Air dry clay bows!

may 06, 2012 04:11 pm tips for friendship bracelets depth of field too shallow – dull/unsharp when reduced – lighting/exposure issues
may 04, 2012 05:57 am troubleshooting friendship bracelet lighting/white balance issues

Well it’s not MY fault if I don’t have a stinkin’  DSLR now is it???

Okay really I’m just pretty annoyed at craftgawker. It’s not really their fault, though. I mean why does everyone (but me) take pretty pictures? I’d like to make my own photo background thing with white foam board but the only space I have for crafting and taking pictures is my desk, which already occupied with books + my laptop + plethora of art materials and projects I’ve done but don’t know where to keep. That and my desk is gray so that’s why I think craftgawker always says something about exposure issues. Hello! My desk is just really light gray!!

Oh well, I guess you guys won’t be able to see my stuff on gawker until i get my hands on my own DSLR (Which is probably never).

Do you guys think using an iPhone would work?

In the mean time, let me teach you how to make air dry clay bows (with photos that have exposure problems!)
Air-Dry Clay Bows

-Air-Dry Clay (I used DAS modelling clay I got at Fully Booked Boni High for 130 Php (that’s like around or less than 3 dollars?)

-scissors or clay cutting tool

-a template if you plan on making a lot of bows

Okay so maybe it isn’t really a ball…

1. Roll your clay into a ball

2. Roll it flat. (And I’m so sorry for the blurry picture)

3. Cut a rectangle  for the bow part. (Here I am using the template. I just laid it on top of the clay and rolled my marker over it so that it will make a dent and I can cut it out.

4. Fold edges to the middle. (And you might be wondering why it turned blue-ish. More on that later. Also, another blurry picture. Boo, shaky hands.)

5. Pinch it in the middle to create the bow shape

6. Do steps 1-3 again, except this time make a smaller and thinner rectangle. This will be the middle part of the bow. (The picture shows the two parts side by side. Do note that we won’t need THAT long of a rectangle. We’ll trim it later.)

7. Put it around the pinched middle area.

8. Pinch it around the back so that it will stick to each other.

9. Cut it and rub so that the line isn’t as visible.

Yeaaah I forgot to take pictures while doing all of the above because my clay ws starting to crack ><


My bows had little cracks, which is alright with me because I love the worn look, but if cracks are a no-no for you, I’ve read that working with a little water if it dries to quickly and putting hand lotion will help reduce the cracks since the moisture gets retained longer.

I want to try making jewelry with this kind of clay, but I’m scared that it’ll break. Maybe I should try using polymer clay instead? And yes this tutorial also works for polymer clay. It’ll probably be way easier too.

Oh! And I finally updated this post about neon and dip-dyeing.

Stay Argyle!

-♓(that’s the symbol for Pisces. :) )

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I want to dip dye things. Preferably in neon. There is something about dipping things in paint (other than wasteful). It’slike an updated version of color-blocking. And neon? Neon is like the hottest summer trend this year. I wasn’t very fond of it in the beginning, but then I realized if you pair it with neutral tones (especially wood-y or natural tones/things) it looks wonderfuuuul.

So it was kind of an impulse buy when I grabbed two neon acrylic paints from National Bookstore yesterday but I just thought if I don’t know what to do with it I can always just randomly dip dye things like my pens, handkerchiefs, maybe even some rags to make them pretty….

I actually dip-dyed a Magnum stick (Magnum is a kind of ice cream sold here where the ice cream is dipped in BELGIAN CHOCOLATE. SO. GOOD.) I kept the stick because Magnums tend to get sold out a lot here and well I like collecting useless stuff. So. Piece of wood + Neon paint = Eye catching piece of wood.

Neon Magnum

A neon painted magnum stick. Side by side with the air dry clay bows I made. :)

I couldn’t bear the thought of wasting like a tablespoon’s worth of paint on a single stick so uh instead of leaving it to dry after I dipped it i scrapped it to get rid of the excess paint

“That isnt called dip-dyeing anymore! Why’d you even dip it in the first place?”

Because I can that’s why.

I can imagine it now, though. I want to either dip-dye or paint everything in neon. I honestly actually thought of dip dyeing our toaster. No reason other than the fact that it’s. So. Cool.

I think I should stop now.

But wait! Let me show you something I’ve been working on but haven’t finished yet because I’m too lazy to tear up my corkboard inspiration line thingy

Yes I actually painted it at the same spot where I display it. I am lazy.

Happy lazy Sunday night from where I come from :)

PS: pray for my internet that it gets well so I can actually post nice pictures in this post already!!

Yay! Not sick anymore!

This site

is still a bit under construction. Haven’t cleaned up the links to the right and haven’t added social networking icons. But hopefully I’ll have it up soon!

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Troubleshooting and tips for making a friendship bracelet


A few days ago, I bought “The Friendship Bracelet Book”, published by Summit Media (it was relatively cheap compared to everything else in Fully Booked). There were three sections, categorized by the difficulty of the patterns. I immediately wanted to try the checkered pattern, and even after 3 re-dos, it was a complete failure. It made my craft ego tear up. I mean, really? Those things are for kids right? With me as an exception of course. I mean, how can  fail at this?!?!?!  And then I saw this post by Honestly WTF and it made everything better again. Yay! Although, I still had to do some trial and error to make it look flawless (I said look, mind you. Haha, a closer look will tell you how much I fail at making friendship bracelets)Image

Okay, so I just want to share with you guys what I learned while I was making a friendship bracelet:

(And I apologize for awful pictures. I was too excited to share what I learned and I had to take pictures near a lamp since it’s already night)

1. Cardboard is your friend.

I’ve seen tutorials with instructions to tape the strings to a table or so, but what I do is just staple it to the cardboard, use a binder to hold it in place. Cut slits at the bottom, insert individual pieces of string between the cuts so that the strings wouldn’t move, and you can make your bracelet ANYWHERE. Seriously. I took mine to UP  Diliman awhile ago and while we were waiting for the photocatalyst thingy to dry (long, nerdy story) I was making the bracelet.

This is what I did:

Get a piece of cardboard or anything that’s just as thick that you can cut through. I used the one provided in the book (I’m not sure if it was really intended for that purpose though)


Okay, now get your scissors and cut up slits that are around 2 inches long and 2 inches apart. There’s no real rule on how long it is, but the idea here is you need to make slits so that the strings will be held in place while you make your hitches. (hitches = those knots. 2 hitches = 1 “knot”). After this you can make your bracelet as usual~

And another tip! Imagine you have two strings, pink and blue, and you’re making knots with the blue string, I found that the knots looks better if I keep the pink one as straight as possible while I’m pulling my blue string to make a knot.

2. Forgetting if you’ve made two hitches already or not is very frustrating.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but sometimes I get “in the zone” where I just mindlessly make hitches like a zombie and I just suddenly snap out of it and I completely forget if I made just one hitch or if I’ve already completed a knot, and then I take a guess and either continue even if I’ve only made a half a knot or I be extra sure and add another hitch, making an ugly, bulky 1 and a half knot.

“So, genius, what are we supposed to do about it?”

Tell you what. Flip your bracelet on its back. You see those tiny knots? Remember that 2 hitches make a knot at the front? Well, if you look closely, you can see those same 2 hitches at the back. Therefore, you can now easily see if you need to add one more knot or not!!


Well there you have it. I hope I (somehow) helped some of you “troubleshoot” your friendship bracelets :)

Happy Friday!