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Trying out some porcelain paint

Hello~ it’s the season for cuddling and tea (and swimming through flooded streets while competing with other people for a seat in a jeepney or in some cases, a makeshift boat) I stumbled upon these paints in National Bookstore in Katipunan, so i thought of trying it on my white mug, yay! Instructions said let it dry for 24 hours first before baking to set it.Image

Life dump: October

So what do you do when you’ve had a heartbreaking month? (Like, hypothetically low grades and not being able to participate on a particular craft fair. Hypothetically.) I compile a list of good things that have happened this month to at least cheer up a hypothetically sad me c:

Meet “Obo” our (surprisingly!!) working DC motor. This was a requirement for school and thankfully my friend E really spent time on making it and she was being really OC and yay it worked! Also, the robot design is really cute, don’t you think?

Surprise cheesy greeting cards are the best.

And of course getting a free shopping spree c/o J c: And he was the one who insisted we go shop! Cutie. These are just a few things we bought. I think the chocolate shop shaped tin can was really adorable, not to mention I love these kinds of drawing styles. We also found giant pretty tape! It’s as thick as a packaging tape roll! Also birthday toilet paper. I should bust this out everytime someone’s celebrating. It’s so coooool. Allof these we bought in Landmark Trinoma c:

I also made this chubby panda (pattern here.) Three words: squish, squish, squish.

I also finally got around to doing a friend’s palanca stationery using my gocco! I… kind of want to keep these for myself because doilies + neon = looooove. at first I thought it was a craft fail because of all the carbon bits that stuck to the screen, but I guess it went better than expected.

While we were hanging out at the techprep room we spotted a few pages of an old, worn dictionary. Of course I had to get it, I love ephemera.

Oh and I think the best part of it was this:

Hihi, hello brother. This is why you should wake up earlier.

Maybe October wasn’t so bad after all. :)

10a Alabama, here I come.

I am jumping up and down right now.



Why? Because i’m going to my first ever craft fair this November, that’s why! Woo, okay I know I haven’t been posting a lot because life (school, ergh) is keeping me busy. But! I have a loooot in store, probably after the fair though, because I have a lot of work to do (and not a lot of time, honestly.)

My first time having a GF.

GF as in Gocco Fail.

There are times when DIYs go wrong,  I know. This isn’t the first time, but it makes me sad :c I spent hours and I mean HOURS trying to fix it. First I tried the photocopy method for exposing screens, and the paper got stuck to the screen because of apparently too much carbon. So I ruined a screen and wasted 2 bulbs. That’s bad enough already, but during my second attempt I tried using gold paint and it just spurted all over the screen, apparently my tube of gold paint is too thin. It’s horrible. I tried putting silver paint on top but only some areas get printed with silver. I don’t know if it’s because of the gold paint drying or as I read in a website, the gold is too thick (Which I don’t think is the case here.) It’s disheartening, really. I’ll take pictures tomorrow and try fixing it. I read that trying to clean the gold areas with the gocco cleaner will make the cleaner act like a thinner, so I hope that works :c If not then I just wasted 2 screens and 4 bulbs, and I only have supplies for 2 projects left.

Marceline in action~!

I just want to take the time to show y’all where Marceline’s new home is c:

Also, last day of first quarter exams tomorrow! Then there’ll be a long weekend, which is good timing so we can all catch up on our zzz’s.

Have I ever mentioned how my school is probably the only school I know of where Economics is hard D: The exam killed me awhile ago. Ugh.

Oh snap, indeed.

I tried making some cards on my new Gocco awhile ago! Woo~ I also christened my Gocco and named him Koko the Gocco.

I was a bit shaky when I tried it, and implemented most of the tips I’ve read on numerous blogs. The one tip I skipped though was putting the blue filter on even if the design isn’t photocopied. Bad mistake, and it almost broke my heart. I don’t know if it’s because of the blue filter, or just because I’m bad at it in general, but there were a few kinks on my screen that I had to fix. I’ll make a post about it next time, when I have the heart. Koko broke my pride a bit. Just a bit I promise. *sniff*

I did fix the screen with tape and nail polish though, but the lines in general aren’t coming out evenly and I’m scared because well screens are expensive.


Here are my cards drying. The flaws aren’t visible from far away but up close it is and it makes me sad. So sad I am giving you a sad smiley :c I figured out a way to make the flaws less noticeable, but I have to try it before I tell you guys, so for now it’s my little secret.

IT’S HERE. (Plus a new Adventure Time keychain)

AFTER 10 HOURS OF AGONY. (Look how patient I am~) It’s here! My Gocco is here! Wooooo~!

My precioooouusssssssss.

Bird’s eye view:

(I think I really need to find time to set-up a nice photo area for my pictures.)

The above picture was taken before I even checked the contents. Hihi, I’m excited. Too excited, I think. I need to think of a really good design for my stationery! Weeeee~

Now I just need to find a place where I can store this….

Oh oh oh! I forgot to share this with you guys, but since classes have been suspended for a week, I’ve had too much time, so since I promised some of my friends Adventure Time keychains I decided to stop slacking off and finish them already.

Lookin’ good Marceline.

Finished keychain! I’m very pleased on how she turned out, actually. My drawing skill has decided to be obedient today so I only had to do the above drawing once. Hooray for productivity! Now if only I were as excited for schoolwork as I am for crafting….