Procrastination Time~

I made a felt Finn today, even if I was supposed to be doing homework and studying for my future (I mean seriously if I fail that test I would have to beg money for the rest of my life)

So why would I make Finn at a time like this? Because everything’s so stressful right now that the only thing I want to do is curl up with tea and watch Adventure Time. Yes I am secretly a 6-year-old that drinks tea. Sometimes life is so stressful you just have to stop what you’re supposed to be doing and do what makes you happy. c:

Well, after this my friends started asking me to make their favorite characters for them. I think the secret to life is to know that we are all secretly 6-year-olds inside.


Mindmap #1: College.

Yes, I know, I haven’t updated at ALL D: It makes me sad too. Funny thing is, I’m on a crafting mood today, but my mom ran off with my camera. Thanks mom, now my blog is collecting dust instead of readers. ANYWHO. It’s almost the season for college entrance exams here, and I am both excited and terrified about taking them, and going to college. Here is a mindmap I made to illustrate my point. (done on my very awesome moleskine)

I also have more blog posts to come, with stuff about my Sg trip, Japanese crochet books, and making a loooooong purse. Wait for it!

Stay Argyle, until then. c: