Life dump: October

So what do you do when you’ve had a heartbreaking month? (Like, hypothetically low grades and not being able to participate on a particular craft fair. Hypothetically.) I compile a list of good things that have happened this month to at least cheer up a hypothetically sad me c:

Meet “Obo” our (surprisingly!!) working DC motor. This was a requirement for school and thankfully my friend E really spent time on making it and she was being really OC and yay it worked! Also, the robot design is really cute, don’t you think?

Surprise cheesy greeting cards are the best.

And of course getting a free shopping spree c/o J c: And he was the one who insisted we go shop! Cutie. These are just a few things we bought. I think the chocolate shop shaped tin can was really adorable, not to mention I love these kinds of drawing styles. We also found giant pretty tape! It’s as thick as a packaging tape roll! Also birthday toilet paper. I should bust this out everytime someone’s celebrating. It’s so coooool. Allof these we bought in Landmark Trinoma c:

I also made this chubby panda (pattern here.) Three words: squish, squish, squish.

I also finally got around to doing a friend’s palanca stationery using my gocco! I… kind of want to keep these for myself because doilies + neon = looooove. at first I thought it was a craft fail because of all the carbon bits that stuck to the screen, but I guess it went better than expected.

While we were hanging out at the techprep room we spotted a few pages of an old, worn dictionary. Of course I had to get it, I love ephemera.

Oh and I think the best part of it was this:

Hihi, hello brother. This is why you should wake up earlier.

Maybe October wasn’t so bad after all. :)


Marceline in action~!

I just want to take the time to show y’all where Marceline’s new home is c:

Also, last day of first quarter exams tomorrow! Then there’ll be a long weekend, which is good timing so we can all catch up on our zzz’s.

Have I ever mentioned how my school is probably the only school I know of where Economics is hard D: The exam killed me awhile ago. Ugh.

Waiting for my Gocco

I apologize for the lack of pictures as I am too excited to sit patiently in my room while waiting for my baby to arrive.

Yes, baby. Yes, I’m a virgin. No it’s not Immaculate Conception, although to me it does feel like a miracle.

My Gocco is arriving today! (Hopefully, if the courier doesn’t screw up…)

I’ve been wanting a Gocco since a year ago! The reason why I haven’t bought one before is because prices for it are so expensive online that it just seems to outweigh my possible use for it. Why is it so expensive? Well… probably because the product has been out of the market 3-5 years ago. Yep, I feel hipstah.

Wait, wait, wait. What is this Gocco I speak of? Well, a Gocco is a self-contained printing machine that can print on fabric as well as on paper. It works just like a  cross between a stamp and a silkscreen! While the cost of using a silkscreen is far less then getting a a Gocco machine, using a Gocco is less messy and I don’t have to expose anything to the sun or cut my design out, I just burn it into the screen, ink it, set the paper, and print, and print, and print, and print.

Why am I getting a Gocco? Well, partly because I love new shiny craft things, partly because I’ve always dreamed of selling my own stationery or cards. The kind I see in the corner of the bookstore that are soooo pretty but are also sooooo expensive. So I wanted to make my own and sell them for a cheaper price~


Okay, so I bought my baby from Xilliana, from Sulit (She’s so nice!) She was able to get me a PG-11 model (Nicest model if you plan on selling your stuff, since it’s the model where it has a built in registration mechanism so you don’t have to use really complicated methods to get your prints lined up perfectly.

My kit comes with the PG-11 and its basic kit (card drying rack, carbon pen, 5 masters, 10 bulbs, VHS tape of the instruction -you read that right-, instruction manual and a few booklets that I have yet to know what they’re about, the kit also came with 7 basic inks: black white red brown yellow blue green, and the cmy paints). She also threw in a slightly used tube of fluorescent violet, some pads, and an ink blocker all for free, yay! I also bought 3 more inks.

Have I mentioned it only cost me PHP4080, including the shipping? Yes. Yes. That’s less than USD 100 including the shipping. *tears of joy*

Wooooooooooo are you as excited as I am now?

Procrastination Time~

I made a felt Finn today, even if I was supposed to be doing homework and studying for my future (I mean seriously if I fail that test I would have to beg money for the rest of my life)

So why would I make Finn at a time like this? Because everything’s so stressful right now that the only thing I want to do is curl up with tea and watch Adventure Time. Yes I am secretly a 6-year-old that drinks tea. Sometimes life is so stressful you just have to stop what you’re supposed to be doing and do what makes you happy. c:

Well, after this my friends started asking me to make their favorite characters for them. I think the secret to life is to know that we are all secretly 6-year-olds inside.

Mindmap #1: College.

Yes, I know, I haven’t updated at ALL D: It makes me sad too. Funny thing is, I’m on a crafting mood today, but my mom ran off with my camera. Thanks mom, now my blog is collecting dust instead of readers. ANYWHO. It’s almost the season for college entrance exams here, and I am both excited and terrified about taking them, and going to college. Here is a mindmap I made to illustrate my point. (done on my very awesome moleskine)

I also have more blog posts to come, with stuff about my Sg trip, Japanese crochet books, and making a loooooong purse. Wait for it!

Stay Argyle, until then. c:

Dying, but not dead.

Fourth year high school is hard. Why do I need to study electrodynamics in Physics when I’m not even planning to go into a Physics related course? Sigh. Well, it’s a challenge and I have to work really hard, but that’s not an excuse to let my blog accumulate dust, right? So yes, I do not post as often as I’d like to, but this blog isn’t dead nor dying (though I am because school and college and the ~future~ looms ahead).


That also means I have not run out of things to post. Time, maybe, but not things to talk about. You guys know how talkative I can get.


Hopefully, hopefully I get a post up by tomorrow.

Crème Brulée

Hi there! I haven’t been posting these past few days because I have a deadline to meet for this event which is really cool because it’ll be my first time abroad!

I’ve also been busy reviewing for college exams and watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Yes, all ten seasons. Pretty addicting. I also bought Serpent’s Shadow because Percy Jackson made me a Rick Riordan fan.

Oh! And me and my awesome friend (We’ll call her M) taught my boyfriend how to ride a bike! (How old is he? He’s 15 but uhh let’s pretend he’s 7 so he doesn’t get embarrassed about not knowing how to ride a bike.)

This bike’s frame is actually made of bamboo! Cool! (But it’s not for beginners but it was all we had…)

He also almost fell head first into some concrete which was really scary, but he was able to use his hand instead. Then when we checked and his wound looked like a creepy smiley face. With a beard thingy.

Weird, creepy smiley face with a beard

And we saw a dead crab whom we named Roadkill Crab. Poor crabby :c

Last week my mom bought me some polymer clay from Divisoria for likereally cheap! Yay cheap art supplies!  So I tried doing this polymer clay braided bracelet.

It was all very easy until I tried baking it. So obviously I didn’t want to use the oven because I don’t want my cupcakes to smell like plastic and because it’s such a waste and all. I tried using the oven toaster which actually works for some people but I had three problems:

1. Our oven toaster only has two options: 350 watts or 700 watts. No temperature control but that’s okay because I can use the oven thermometer but then

2. The clay mom bought was unbranded (of course, it’s Divisoria.) and no one really knew what temperature it was supposed to be baked in. I googled and I saw the optimal temperature for all polymer clays so I figured as long as it was in that range it’ll be okay. But it wasn’t because

3. I forgot that the oven toaster timer was on and I went to get something and when I came back I was like a hundred degrees Celsius higher than the maximum temperature of the range. So when it came out the top part looked all melty but the under side was okay (but the rice I put it on top of so that it wouldn’t get deformed made some little dents. Irony.)

it’s not so bad when you put the bad half at the bottom but if you looked really closely you could totally see it.

That was when I had the idea of wearing it on my head on top of a top bun.

Turns into…

Incredibly blurry pictures credits to my 10 year old brother. Hmmm.

In retrospect maybe it was actually a good idea, leaving the oven on (okay maybe that was a safety hazard but the browning makes it look like a creme brulee, which I totally love. Yum.)

Stay Argyle!

– C.

Saizen finds and the time I had to babysit a stuffed toy.

Okay, so a few days ago my sister (6 years old) told me to babysit her Angry Birds stuffed toy. She even gave me a checklist.

Top most: comb fur, Middle: make him laugh Bottom: wash

When she came back she interrogated me and demanded me if I’ve done what’s said on the checklist. She then asked me to re-enact what I’ve done to make Red bird laugh (second drawing on the list). So of course I had to do it.

Yes, making a complete fool of myself is fun.

Anyway, I was able to go to Saizen in Trinoma yesterday, yay! Saizen is a store which sells everything for 85 Php. Yes. Everything. Look at what I bought yesterday!

Rotary cutter! I’ve been wanting one for ages! I tried it when I came home and the blade is really sharp! The only thing I don’t like is the locking mechanism (that white rectangular plastic near the blade) it’s very dangerous if I lost it D: Not fun. Oh and the circle part on the other end is for storing extra blades! Cool. It took my parents and I like a long time before I figured it out.

Printed aluminum foil. Yes. Aluminum foil with designs. HOW CUTE IS THAT?!?! And I can’t resist cute whale things. I also almost bought a turner for cooking. Why? Because it had a smiley face and the turner part was in the shape of a whale kind of thing. Cuuuuutiiiiieeee. We shall meet again and I shall buy him. And then I will make cute pancakes with him. Yesss.

Cute microwave waffle maker. So cute. I need to try this and see if it actually makes tasty waffles.

Single serve double layer cake mold. How cute are these bakeware items, really?

This is my favorite buy!! I mean, if I were to buy soft pastels at the bookstore, it would cost me more than 120 Php! Yay. And now I can chalk-dye my hair!

So, what have you found in Saizen?