Trying out some porcelain paint

Hello~ it’s the season for cuddling and tea (and swimming through flooded streets while competing with other people for a seat in a jeepney or in some cases, a makeshift boat) I stumbled upon these paints in National Bookstore in Katipunan, so i thought of trying it on my white mug, yay! Instructions said let it dry for 24 hours first before baking to set it.Image



I want to dip dye things. Preferably in neon. There is something about dipping things in paint (other than wasteful). It’slike an updated version of color-blocking. And neon? Neon is like the hottest summer trend this year. I wasn’t very fond of it in the beginning, but then I realized if you pair it with neutral tones (especially wood-y or natural tones/things) it looks wonderfuuuul.

So it was kind of an impulse buy when I grabbed two neon acrylic paints from National Bookstore yesterday but I just thought if I don’t know what to do with it I can always just randomly dip dye things like my pens, handkerchiefs, maybe even some rags to make them pretty….

I actually dip-dyed a Magnum stick (Magnum is a kind of ice cream sold here where the ice cream is dipped in BELGIAN CHOCOLATE. SO. GOOD.) I kept the stick because Magnums tend to get sold out a lot here and well I like collecting useless stuff. So. Piece of wood + Neon paint = Eye catching piece of wood.

Neon Magnum

A neon painted magnum stick. Side by side with the air dry clay bows I made. :)

I couldn’t bear the thought of wasting like a tablespoon’s worth of paint on a single stick so uh instead of leaving it to dry after I dipped it i scrapped it to get rid of the excess paint

“That isnt called dip-dyeing anymore! Why’d you even dip it in the first place?”

Because I can that’s why.

I can imagine it now, though. I want to either dip-dye or paint everything in neon. I honestly actually thought of dip dyeing our toaster. No reason other than the fact that it’s. So. Cool.

I think I should stop now.

But wait! Let me show you something I’ve been working on but haven’t finished yet because I’m too lazy to tear up my corkboard inspiration line thingy

Yes I actually painted it at the same spot where I display it. I am lazy.

Happy lazy Sunday night from where I come from :)

PS: pray for my internet that it gets well so I can actually post nice pictures in this post already!!

Yay! Not sick anymore!