Marceline in action~!

I just want to take the time to show y’all where Marceline’s new home is c:

Also, last day of first quarter exams tomorrow! Then there’ll be a long weekend, which is good timing so we can all catch up on our zzz’s.

Have I ever mentioned how my school is probably the only school I know of where Economics is hard D: The exam killed me awhile ago. Ugh.


IT’S HERE. (Plus a new Adventure Time keychain)

AFTER 10 HOURS OF AGONY. (Look how patient I am~) It’s here! My Gocco is here! Wooooo~!

My precioooouusssssssss.

Bird’s eye view:

(I think I really need to find time to set-up a nice photo area for my pictures.)

The above picture was taken before I even checked the contents. Hihi, I’m excited. Too excited, I think. I need to think of a really good design for my stationery! Weeeee~

Now I just need to find a place where I can store this….

Oh oh oh! I forgot to share this with you guys, but since classes have been suspended for a week, I’ve had too much time, so since I promised some of my friends Adventure Time keychains I decided to stop slacking off and finish them already.

Lookin’ good Marceline.

Finished keychain! I’m very pleased on how she turned out, actually. My drawing skill has decided to be obedient today so I only had to do the above drawing once. Hooray for productivity! Now if only I were as excited for schoolwork as I am for crafting….