My first time having a GF.

GF as in Gocco Fail.

There are times when DIYs go wrong,  I know. This isn’t the first time, but it makes me sad :c I spent hours and I mean HOURS trying to fix it. First I tried the photocopy method for exposing screens, and the paper got stuck to the screen because of apparently too much carbon. So I ruined a screen and wasted 2 bulbs. That’s bad enough already, but during my second attempt I tried using gold paint and it just spurted all over the screen, apparently my tube of gold paint is too thin. It’s horrible. I tried putting silver paint on top but only some areas get printed with silver. I don’t know if it’s because of the gold paint drying or as I read in a website, the gold is too thick (Which I don’t think is the case here.) It’s disheartening, really. I’ll take pictures tomorrow and try fixing it. I read that trying to clean the gold areas with the gocco cleaner will make the cleaner act like a thinner, so I hope that works :c If not then I just wasted 2 screens and 4 bulbs, and I only have supplies for 2 projects left.


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