Oh snap, indeed.

I tried making some cards on my new Gocco awhile ago! Woo~ I also christened my Gocco and named him Koko the Gocco.

I was a bit shaky when I tried it, and implemented most of the tips I’ve read on numerous blogs. The one tip I skipped though was putting the blue filter on even if the design isn’t photocopied. Bad mistake, and it almost broke my heart. I don’t know if it’s because of the blue filter, or just because I’m bad at it in general, but there were a few kinks on my screen that I had to fix. I’ll make a post about it next time, when I have the heart. Koko broke my pride a bit. Just a bit I promise. *sniff*

I did fix the screen with tape and nail polish though, but the lines in general aren’t coming out evenly and I’m scared because well screens are expensive.


Here are my cards drying. The flaws aren’t visible from far away but up close it is and it makes me sad. So sad I am giving you a sad smiley :c I figured out a way to make the flaws less noticeable, but I have to try it before I tell you guys, so for now it’s my little secret.


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