Waiting for my Gocco

I apologize for the lack of pictures as I am too excited to sit patiently in my room while waiting for my baby to arrive.

Yes, baby. Yes, I’m a virgin. No it’s not Immaculate Conception, although to me it does feel like a miracle.

My Gocco is arriving today! (Hopefully, if the courier doesn’t screw up…)

I’ve been wanting a Gocco since a year ago! The reason why I haven’t bought one before is because prices for it are so expensive online that it just seems to outweigh my possible use for it. Why is it so expensive? Well… probably because the product has been out of the market 3-5 years ago. Yep, I feel hipstah.

Wait, wait, wait. What is this Gocco I speak of? Well, a Gocco is a self-contained printing machine that can print on fabric as well as on paper. It works just like a  cross between a stamp and a silkscreen! While the cost of using a silkscreen is far less then getting a a Gocco machine, using a Gocco is less messy and I don’t have to expose anything to the sun or cut my design out, I just burn it into the screen, ink it, set the paper, and print, and print, and print, and print.

Why am I getting a Gocco? Well, partly because I love new shiny craft things, partly because I’ve always dreamed of selling my own stationery or cards. The kind I see in the corner of the bookstore that are soooo pretty but are also sooooo expensive. So I wanted to make my own and sell them for a cheaper price~


Okay, so I bought my baby from Xilliana, from Sulit (She’s so nice!) She was able to get me a PG-11 model (Nicest model if you plan on selling your stuff, since it’s the model where it has a built in registration mechanism so you don’t have to use really complicated methods to get your prints lined up perfectly.

My kit comes with the PG-11 and its basic kit (card drying rack, carbon pen, 5 masters, 10 bulbs, VHS tape of the instruction -you read that right-, instruction manual and a few booklets that I have yet to know what they’re about, the kit also came with 7 basic inks: black white red brown yellow blue green, and the cmy paints). She also threw in a slightly used tube of fluorescent violet, some pads, and an ink blocker all for free, yay! I also bought 3 more inks.

Have I mentioned it only cost me PHP4080, including the shipping? Yes. Yes. That’s less than USD 100 including the shipping. *tears of joy*

Wooooooooooo are you as excited as I am now?


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