Sadie the Whale and the Boyfriend Project

I haven’t posted zilch this past week because I had to do my internship portfolio. I wanted to make it creative but I didn’t want to do another scrapbook again. *shudder* I opted to use watercolor paints instead. It’s easier since I only need a brush, my paints and water, unlike if I scrapbooked I would waste too much time looking at my stuff. That or because I’m too lazy.

Here’s a sample:

The silver board was supposed to be white foam board but Office Warehouse is soooo incomplete. I wanted to make it look like a polaroid frame.

I think I was able to mention before how I was going to go to Singapore this June! Well I have to leave J for like a week and I’m going to miss him, so I figured I’d make little gifts for him that I’ll hide around the school somehow so that he wouldn’t miss me so much. Yes, cheesy I know.

I figured I’d make him at least one gift per day, so that makes it 5 gifts (since I’ll be missing a whole school week)

I made him a whale printed pillow last year so I thought why not continue the trend? So I made him this little amigurumi whale! It’s actually my first amigurumi where the body isn’t deformed or looks asymmetric, so hooray!

Here Sadie is sailing the sea of dreams~~~

I named the whale Sadie because I just finished reading Serpent’s Shadow by Rick Riordan and one of the protagonist’s name is Sadie. Can you tell I like naming the animals I make?

I found the pattern for free here from Planet June! I love how everything is detailed and how I now know how to make an invisible decrease and a magic ring. Seriously I can’t believe I’ve been crocheting without them!

Look at that tiny hat that screams ADVENTUUUURE TIIIIIIIME!! (Okay I happen to really like that show)

I hope J will like Sadie! Even though I just realized Sadie is a little stuffed toy. Maybe I can make her into a keychain? And pssssst to the people who know me in real life, don’t tell J!

I already have a few DIY tutorials for you guys that are in tandem with the boyfriend project, so stay tuned!

Stay Argyle!

-C and Sadie

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2 thoughts on “Sadie the Whale and the Boyfriend Project

    • I would, but I think my arms would fall off!! Maybe I’ll try when I get those gigantic crochet hooks ;)

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