Pedro the pig + my tumblr


This is Pedro. He is my pet pig.


He is really tiny. His special ability is being able to fit inside a one peso coin.


I like Pedro. He has a really curly tail. What I do not like is that Pedro just spotted my really old Nokia phone.

Shame on me.


And this is where Pedro sleeps. (Pssst, I got the fence at the scrapbooking area of NBS for around 30 pesos. I don’t know if there are any more, though.)

Okay, anyway. Here’s my Tumblr! I’ve had this one for quite awhile now actually. It’s where I’ve been posting what I make, but I like WordPress better for some reason. Makes me feel legit.

(Click the picture of my dreamcatcher to go to the tumblr!)

Right now my username’s papercutsandfoldedflowers (the really long old one) I actually made a new one, with argylecheesecake username, though I think I used my other email account for it. Poop. I think I’ll have to change it soon so that things will be easier.



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