Little rant. + Air dry clay bows!

may 06, 2012 04:11 pm tips for friendship bracelets depth of field too shallow – dull/unsharp when reduced – lighting/exposure issues
may 04, 2012 05:57 am troubleshooting friendship bracelet lighting/white balance issues

Well it’s not MY fault if I don’t have a stinkin’  DSLR now is it???

Okay really I’m just pretty annoyed at craftgawker. It’s not really their fault, though. I mean why does everyone (but me) take pretty pictures? I’d like to make my own photo background thing with white foam board but the only space I have for crafting and taking pictures is my desk, which already occupied with books + my laptop + plethora of art materials and projects I’ve done but don’t know where to keep. That and my desk is gray so that’s why I think craftgawker always says something about exposure issues. Hello! My desk is just really light gray!!

Oh well, I guess you guys won’t be able to see my stuff on gawker until i get my hands on my own DSLR (Which is probably never).

Do you guys think using an iPhone would work?

In the mean time, let me teach you how to make air dry clay bows (with photos that have exposure problems!)
Air-Dry Clay Bows

-Air-Dry Clay (I used DAS modelling clay I got at Fully Booked Boni High for 130 Php (that’s like around or less than 3 dollars?)

-scissors or clay cutting tool

-a template if you plan on making a lot of bows

Okay so maybe it isn’t really a ball…

1. Roll your clay into a ball

2. Roll it flat. (And I’m so sorry for the blurry picture)

3. Cut a rectangle  for the bow part. (Here I am using the template. I just laid it on top of the clay and rolled my marker over it so that it will make a dent and I can cut it out.

4. Fold edges to the middle. (And you might be wondering why it turned blue-ish. More on that later. Also, another blurry picture. Boo, shaky hands.)

5. Pinch it in the middle to create the bow shape

6. Do steps 1-3 again, except this time make a smaller and thinner rectangle. This will be the middle part of the bow. (The picture shows the two parts side by side. Do note that we won’t need THAT long of a rectangle. We’ll trim it later.)

7. Put it around the pinched middle area.

8. Pinch it around the back so that it will stick to each other.

9. Cut it and rub so that the line isn’t as visible.

Yeaaah I forgot to take pictures while doing all of the above because my clay ws starting to crack ><


My bows had little cracks, which is alright with me because I love the worn look, but if cracks are a no-no for you, I’ve read that working with a little water if it dries to quickly and putting hand lotion will help reduce the cracks since the moisture gets retained longer.

I want to try making jewelry with this kind of clay, but I’m scared that it’ll break. Maybe I should try using polymer clay instead? And yes this tutorial also works for polymer clay. It’ll probably be way easier too.

Oh! And I finally updated this post about neon and dip-dyeing.

Stay Argyle!

-♓(that’s the symbol for Pisces. :) )

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