Surviving High School Word Search Tip

Two years ago I badly wanted a Nintendo DS. Now, I think I can actually just settle for an iPod Touch. No kidding. Apps are getting addicting, and right now I’m addicted to Surviving High School (free version because I’m cheap like that.)

surviving high school welcome screen

EA Games is back.

I like how it plays on the whole choose your own adventure kind of gameplay by adding mini games, but at first I got really frustrated everytime there would be a word search game because I kept on losing because the letters I drag won’t register as points even if I get the correct spelling. Well apparently, this is because your starting letter has to be a green tile. Ever since I started doing that, I always got more than the target score required, and the only thing needed is you have to start with a green tile and drag it to the letters adjacent to it to form the word located at the bottom of the screen. It also doesn’t matter if you’ve already used some letters to form the word as you. You can reuse them as long as you click on the green tile as your first letter.

That’s not so hard now is it?


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